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Eating Puppy

So, you were able to make a reservation for you pets and now are wondering what the next steps are.


We recommend bringing your dogs food from home to avoid an upset tummy. If not, no problem! We offer 4 Health Chicken & Rice Dog Food at no extra charge. We also recommend to not give your dog table scraps or extra treats a few days before your boarding. Boarding can be stressful as it is a new place away from home- we don't want to wreak havoc on their tummies! 

If you do bring your dogs food (what we recommend!) please place a serving sized portion in individual ziploc bags to prevent cross-contamination. 

Vaccinations must be dropped off in person before arrival or may be emailed to For more information on what vaccinations we require, click on the Vaccinations Requirements tab.

A $50 refundable deposit is required for all bookings. This amount will go towards holding your spot and will be applied to the outstanding payment.  

We do not require an evaluation for boarding because the dogs we have in our care vary on any given day. As a small facility with personal attention for each dog, we will determine on a daily basis who we believe your dog can play with. We base this on a number of factors, including size, age, play style and more.


If your dog isn’t friendly with other dogs, there’s no need to worry! He will still get lots of outdoor playtime with our staff. There’s also no need to be concerned if your dog is one of the “restricted” breeds. We do not breed restrict and will take any dog (even those who are “in-tact”) as long as they are not aggressive towards people.

Puppy Play
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